Spend Less Time Worrying About Administration and More Time Creating Wealth For Your Clients

A unit registry management solution used by fund managers across Australia, HiTrust enables you to run efficient and secure registry operations, cap escalating costs, improve client service, and maintain a competitive advantage.

Its robust multi-currency, multi-lingual, recordkeeping platform is designed to help support both wholesale and retail fund managers in tracking unit ownership and administering unit trusts. For more than a decade, HiTrust has been specifically created for the needs of the Asia-Pacific market.

The HiTrust platform works so you can improve efficiency, cap escalating costs, improve client service, and maintain that competitive advantage. It has:

  • Rapid, high-volume data migration.
  • Easy integration with existing and future systems.
  • Modular design and pricing for cost-effective scalability.
  • Multi-tenancy architecture for clear segregation of client data.
  • Multi-level customisation to support complex needs.
  • Excellent track record with compliance requirements.