Innovest Unique & Hard to Value Asset Classes

Industry Leading Fiduciary Accounting for OCC Unique Assets

The challenges associated with Principal and Income Accounting for Real Estate, Oil and Gas, and other Unique and Hard to Value asset classes in Trust and Wealth Management are well-known, little-discussed, and carry substantial financial risk. Industry best practices, procedures, and workflows are tailored to your organization and business models. Daily compliance, operations, processing, and reporting seamlessly integrate with your other accounting applications. Clients have the option of licensing software or utilizing our Managed Services team to act as your back office.

The Trust Real Estate Management System is the leading software for OCC-designated Unique and Hard-to-Value Asset classes, including Real Estate, Closely Held Businesses, and Notes Loans and Mortgages.

Our Trust Mineral Management System is the leading fiduciary accounting application for all Minerals, Oil, and Gas Assets, tracking well interests, royalty payments, income collection, reconciliation and tracking; principal and income calculations and reclassification; depletion, property-related taxes, and management tracking and reporting.

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