Performance & Analytics Services

Bring complete clarity to performance analytics.

Alternative investments are complex in nature. Performance data is often murky. Performance & Analytics Services brings vivid clarity to performance analytics. It’s a one-stop, web-based solution that combines in-depth analytical capabilities with cutting-edge visualization technology, delivering clear and meaningful answers to complex questions and sharpening your decision-making process.

See the big picture: Stunning interactive visual displays, heat maps, drill-downs, and extensive customization capabilities enable firm-wide analysis, for a shared understanding of the larger picture and informed investment decisions.

Create compelling presentations: Build and distribute visually compelling summaries and fact sheets on the fly.

Tailor to your strategies: Leverage advanced benchmark customization and construction capabilities, and customizable performance attribution methodologies down to the formula level.

Streamline GIPS compliance: The solution makes it easy to fulfill GIPS compositing, reporting and compliance requirements.