Reconciliation and Data Collection Solution

Streamline reconciliation and ensure accuracy, start to finish.

SS&C’s straight-through reconciliation solution automates the entire process from data collection and aggregation through matching and exception reporting, ensuring data accuracy and enabling true exception-based management. The solution integrates Evare, our global data collection services, with Recon, our automated reconciliation platform. Evare gathers data directly from counterparty institutions worldwide, aggregates it, translates it into standardized formats, and delivers it directly into Recon for automated matching. Start the business day with confidence that the vast majority of your positions are fully reconciled, enabling operations teams to focus on resolving exceptions.

Improve Accuracy: Mitigate the risk of financial inaccuracy with secure data handling, start to finish.

Increase Efficiency: Exception management dramatically reduces the time and labor involved in completing the daily reconciliation process.

Minimize Operational Risk: Straight-through processing and automation ensure data integrity and reduce the risk of manual errors.