Retirement Income Clearing Calculator (RICC)

Facilitating Efficient Recordkeeping for Guaranteed Retirement Income Product Connections

Plan safe harbors provided by the SECURE Act and a demographic population shift to retirement age has increased demand for guaranteed income options among plan participants. In fact, three in four participants have expressed interest in a guaranteed lifetime income product. 1 Despite the participant demand, less than 10% of 401(k) plans offer an annuity or guaranteed retirement income product on their investment lineup. Before RICC, supporting an in-plan annuity or guaranteed retirement income product required significant technical and process-based resources.

RICC is a middleware solution that provides simple and efficient connectivity and data flow between recordkeepers and retirement income product manufacturers. RICC also calculates and applies product-specific rules based on each retirement income solution.

By eliminating the complexity and technology resource burden involved with servicing in-plan annuities and guaranteed income products, RICC provides an essential solution to meet this growing demand.

  • Single Connection for recordkeepers and retirement income products.
  • Cost Efficiency minimizes implementation and maintenance costs.
  • Increase Asset Acquisition and Portability by connecting to RICC’s recordkeeping and retirement income product network.

1 Employee Benefit Research Institute, 2019 Retirement Confidence Survey Summary Report,