Rollover Distribution Platform

Reduce rollover processing time and expenses.

The continued increase in rollover volume is fueling a corresponding increase in the administrative burden and costs on recordkeepers processing rollovers. Automate rollover processing to existing IRAs and defray rollover costs with options to fit all business models with our Rollover Distribution Platform.

Our integrated recordkeeper-IRA provider connectivity can be implemented to align with your call center technology and/or directly through your participant website, providing:

  • Paperless process – Eliminate paperwork by processing rollovers online with ACH check processing, reducing the number of steps and potential for errors.
  • Transaction expense recapture – Recoup a portion of the cost of rollover processing through a per-rollover transaction fee.
  • Less time out of market for participants – Reduce your typical rollover time from an average of 38-45 days to 2-3 days.