SS&C Algorithmics Risk Regulatory Reporting

End-to-end compliance for Basel Credit Regulatory Capital and Liquidity Risk Regulatory Reports

SS&C Algorithmics Risk Regulatory Reporting provides a flexible report creation and template adoption framework whilst maintaining the focus on systemic control and validations. The framework provides clients the capability to populate risk reporting templates for multiple jurisdictions including across Basel Credit Regulatory Capital, Liquidity Risk (e.g. LCR, NSFR) and other risk reporting. The solution leverages SS&C’s wider portfolio of reporting tools and components that have been used for regulatory reporting for over 10 years.

Regulatory Reporting is hosted on SS&C data centers globally and subject to strict data security guidelines. The data model allows for data to be provided from SS&C Algorithmics and external sources and mapped to a common data model. Clients are provided with data validations, data adjustments and overrides, data drilldown, period on period comparison and population of regulatory reporting for submission. Secure upload, permissions, signoffs and workflow ensures compliance with banks’ and regulators’ data governance requirements.

Automate end-to-end from data terms and conditions, Credit Regulatory Capital RWA and Liquidity Risk calculations with SS&C Algorithmics’ risk engines, to population and full workflow for Regulatory templates, eliminating time consuming manual processes

Rich visualization, drilldown and period on period analysis allowing business users to quickly analyze the drivers of regulatory reporting movements

Improve compliance readiness with confidence in data integrity, overrides, audit governance and signoff

Maintenance of reporting is available as part of the service, supporting regular updates as the regulator makes changes