SS&C Tax BrightLine

The comprehensive, technology-powered solution for tax compliance, reporting and analytics that enables fund managers to manage their tax exposure year-round in real time.

Tax Compliance, Reporting and Analytics – All in One Platform

Meet your tax obligations efficiently while maximizing structural alpha through data-driven tax strategies. SS&C Tax BrightLine supports all the work necessary to prepare tax filings for delivery to and final sign-off by your accounting firm, dramatically reducing the time and resources involved in quarterly and annual filings.

Comprehensive Service Powered by Advanced Technology

  • Choice of Deployment Options - SS&C Tax BrightLine is available as licensed software for your organization, or on an outsourced basis with a comprehensive range of tax services performed by our tax team.
  • Advanced Technology - SS&C Tax BrightLine leverages a fully integrated end-to-end platform, powered by intelligent automation technologies for optimal efficiency and accuracy.
  • Real-time Data and Analytics -  Fund managers have year-round access to real-time tax data and analytics capabilities to inform their investment strategies, with the ability to analyze and understand the tax impact of their decisions.
  • Deep Tax Expertise - SS&C Tax BrightLine is backed by a large and highly experienced team with diversified expertise in tax laws, tax operations, and tax technology applications. Our SS&C Tax BrightLine team augments your internal resources, serving as an extension of your back office and tax department.