Tamale RMS®

Organize your research and make better decisions in less time.

SS&C Advent’s Tamale RMS®, the first and still the leading purpose built research management solution, enables you to organize an escalating volume of research data and apply it more effectively in due diligence. It’s a centralized repository for capturing, organizing and sharing every piece of research you receive or create. With Tamale, investment teams spend their time collaborating on ideas instead of searching for data. So you can make more timely, better informed and thoroughly documented decisions.

Differentiate your business: Show clients you have a disciplined, repeatable due diligence and decision-making process.

Consolidate scattered research:  Data that’s spread among email, shared drives and cloud storage can now reside in one place.

One-click capture of content: Retrieve all information and notes on a company, sector, topic or fund manager with the click of a mouse, whether it’s in a PDF, email, Word document, or web page.

Automate tedious tasks: Automated email processing and fast search and filtering capabilities means you can focus on analyzing research instead of organizing it.

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