Streamline fund order management and distribution.

If funds are part of your product mix, you know that managing orders and redemptions can be complex. SS&C Advent’s Tradex replaces manual procedures with a highly automated workflow all the way from order entry to settlement. With Tradex, high transaction volumes require less effort. Its flexibility enables you to launch and distribute funds more quickly. Bottom line: greater operational efficiency and better client service.

  • Eliminate tedious and error-prone manual processing: Tradex automates the routing of orders, order notification to fund providers, share allocation and settlement, and calculation and tracking of sales commissions.
  • Manage larger trade volumes without adding staff: Automatically aggregate orders for specific funds into block orders, reducing the number of transactions to be executed.
  • Protect investor security with rules and validations for stricter compliance.
  • Serve clients better with online self-service management.

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