Verify: Investment Data Reconciliation

New and highly innovative investment reconciliation software that reimagines investment operations and provides for streamlined operations and lower TCO

Verify delivers continuous, real-time reconciliation of your investment information and automates workflows for real exceptions-based reconciliation. All processing happens through a cutting-edge platform that delivers actionable insights, powerful configurability options and an intuitive user experience.

  • Strengthen usability through intuitive matching, smart cross reference and online system health dashboards and monitors.
  • Multiple reconciliation sets can be managed for transactions, holdings and cash as well as any user-defined data sets.
  • Integrate data more easily and add new data sources quickly with our wizard – and without any technical effort.
  • Leverage innovative technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, that automate workflows and enhance procedures.

Reap the benefits of Verify reconciliation software

Increase Efficiency

Our exception-based approach finds and identifies breaks within categories to streamline the resolution across accounts. 

Lower Costs

Eliminate time-consuming and labor-intensive processes from your daily routine through continuous processing and workflow automation.

Reduce Risk

Simplify your approach with a single, centralized system that offers dashboard views of the account health and break materiality