Mathematics at Scale for Financial Services

SS&C Algorithmics Cloud leverages new technologies to enable modern financial services firms to lower costs of data and risk analytics, achieve their investment management and regulatory objectives, and provide differentiated capabilities to their clients and users. With integrated capabilities and cloud technology, you can enhance your applications with sophisticated analytics retrieved with an API and build them out more efficiently on our risk platform.




The tools, curated pipelines, and answers you need to be effective.

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Regional Support

Run in any major cloud geography, respecting data residency regulations.

Public or Private

Deploy anywhere Kubernetes is supported.

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Multizone Resiliency

Load balance intra-region to migrate downtime.

Always Compliant

Our clusters are deployed on infrastructure that support our commitment to best practices.

Utilize our Cloud Native Offerings

Risk Analytics Infrastructure as a Service

Storage & Cache

Manage your data on the cloud using a platform built from the ground up with security & compliance in mind


Prebuilt, managed pipes to your holdings, third party data, and compelling derived content


The most scalable compute platform ever built for financial services


Your trusted user interfaces deployed in an accessible, cost effective way

Not Just Software. Not Just Hardware

Developed for banking and financial market microservices, Algorithmics Cloud is a full service platform that runs the heaviest and most sensitive workflows while dynamically scaling to meet the requests of its users.

Turn-key Risk Services with Flexibility of Customization

A cloud and hybrid cloud deployment of Financial Risk Solutions with comprehensive, validated and enriched simulation ready market data.

Let Us Drive or Extend the Platform for You

Let our Managed Data & Analytics Services experts handle your workflows on your behalf to power your APIs and applications. Need to build out bespoke asset class coverage or a proprietary machine-learning model?
We'll take care of it.

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