SS&C’s TimeShareWare software product suite provides for the management needs of all sizes and types of shared-ownership resorts, including vacation clubs, fractional properties, condo-hotels, vacation rentals, and timeshare resorts. Whether you are looking for a simple cloud-based, out-of-the box solution or a customized end-to-end enterprise application, we have what you need.

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Cloud Services

Web Integration and Cloud Services

TimeShareWare can integrate online functionality directly into your current website or can provide you with a full-service web application. 

Press Releases

March 26, 2015

Americas Trading Group Partners with SS&C to Distribute Latin American Algo Strategies

March 23, 2015

SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. And Advent Software, Inc. Voluntarily Provide DOJ Additional Time For Merger Review

March 20, 2015

SS&C GlobeOp Forward Redemption Indicator: March notifications 3.91%


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