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Chorus Document Automation

The proven platform for enabling businesses to accept end-customer information in any form, including handwritten documents and paper forms, images and PDFs, and turn it into automation-ready data.

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IDP for the Impossible

A comprehensive intelligent document processing solution that extracts data from handwritten documents and low-quality machine print from paper, saves time, reduces costs and digitizes historical data to feed ML models or provide searchable repositories.

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SS&C Chorus Document Automation

See how Chorus Document Automation reads, enriches and delivers decision-ready data from handwriting, paper, images and PDFs.


Achieving the Zero Back Office Vision

See how artificial intelligence is helping businesses eliminate manual processing, maximize automation, and achieve zero back office vision.

Case Study

The Digital Mailroom: Reimagined with AI-Driven Document Automation at 98% Accuracy

Achieve clear ROI; Improve error tracing; Less than one hour turnaround; Increase flexibility. Run your mailroom 24/7/365—with up to 98% automated accuracy.

Document Automation Made Easy

Digitize, classify and extract information from paper automatically with machine learning.

Outperform humans with 98%+ average document extraction accuracy.

Eliminate paper backlogs and non-standard workflows.

Increase throughput rates and lowers cycle times.

Scale to meet throughput demands of your largest and most complex workflows.

Output clean, verified, automation-ready data.

Speed. Power. Accuracy.

Chorus Document Automation’s AI outperforms humans.


Average document extraction accuracy


Faster than humans


Increase in straight-through processing


Reductions in manual staff effort