Attributes of Top Performing Sales Territories

Top sales performers are garnering more profitable relationships at the offices they manage. Not only are these sales teams beating their competition in terms of gross sales at more high value offices, they are able to better retain assets at those offices. In short, their sales tend to “stick.”

In this report, we segmented territories for all our WalletShare Consortium members into four groups based on the share of the asset manager’s sales over the past two years and compared the segments to understand the differences and similarities between:

  • Top performers (top 25% of territories based on share of the asset manager’s sales)
  • Bottom performers (bottom 25% of territories based on share of the asset manager’s sales)

We compared these segments on sales, assets, market share, growth, sales efficiency, sales breadth, sales diversity, office dominance, and advantaged sales opportunity (Green Space). This report provides insights into the qualities of top performing sales teams.


This report is available to all firms that are subscribers of our WalletShare service. If you are interested in purchasing this report, or joining WalletShare, please contact us.

Download the sample report