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Education & Research

Online education is ideal for busy professionals seeking to gain knowledge and improve skills on their own terms. SS&C offers products and services to ensure financial professionals have access to the tools and resources they need to excel in our dynamic industry and enrich their professional lives.

Knowledge is a Powerful Tool

SS&C's continuing education and research helps professionals around the world optimize competitiveness by providing market intelligence on how the financial services industry is evolving; the impact key events may have on your organization, products, distribution partners, customers and competitors; and best practices and actionable recommendations.

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Validity and Regulation of ESG Investing Today

ESG means different things to different people, making it challenging to analyze the industry and measure ESG ratings to help investors make decisions.


Is it Too Early to Get Excited About the Impact of AI?

AI is being viewed by investors as the Next Big Thing, with rising exuberance contributing to rising stock prices, but a balanced perspective is important.


How Will Pending Regulations Impact the Banking Industry?

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, politicians and financial institutions stressed the importance of comprehensive financial sector reform.

Continuing Professional Education

The SS&C Learning Institute offers online education programs approved for industry Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits. A library of online courses optimized for professional education, the GAMMA digital library includes hundreds of hours of financial markets content across an extensive range of topics. Content curated by industry-leading subject matter experts coupled with cutting-edge technology ensures an exceptional learning experience.

If you are an individual looking to complete online courses for CPE credits, you may register for an individual license at the following links:

If you have completed a course eligible for CPE credits, fill in the CPE Credit Application form and email to