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ESG Reporting

Investors are increasingly looking for ESG exposure in their portfolios, and want to better understand its impact on risk and performance. With an ESG reporting platform, investment managers can easily provide transparency into key information for their clients.

Reliable and Easy-to-Use ESG Reporting

SS&C's ESG reporting solution provides accurate and detailed ESG rating data and performance metrics, which is a game-changer in helping explain to investors the impact of sustainable investing and ESG exposures.

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Gaining Clarity on ESG

Managing investor expectations and navigating compliance Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices have been around since the 1970s, evolving rapidly alongside globalization.


The Rise of ESG and Why It Matters to Everyone

SS&C is building an ESG solution to help managers with their ESG monitoring, reporting and regulatory compliance.


ESG Reporting

By partnering with leading third-party providers, SS&C offers an extensive suite of services and support in ESG data management, reporting and oversight.

ESG Solutions from SS&C

Working in close collaboration with leading ESG data providers and institutional investors, SS&C offers investment managers a solution set to support ESG monitoring, reporting and regulatory compliance. Our solution helps managers integrate and measure ESG-related metrics into holdings and brings transparency through independently produced reports. It enables managers to more clearly articulate their ESG strategies and explain their decisions to build investor confidence and trust, and significantly streamlines compliance reporting for SFDR.