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SS&C Investor Services

How you engage, support and service your investors is more important today than ever. SS&C is changing the way fund managers communicate, modernizing how information is shared with investors.

Reduce Risk and Improve Transparency

From transactions to communications through accounting, investors remain up to speed on the most complex investments, receive full transparency and have all regulatory requirements met.

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Digital Investor - Interactive Self-Servicing Experience for Investors

Deliver an optimal digital, self-service, interactive experience to your mutual fund, 529 and alternative fund investors with Digital Investor.


Strengthening Investor Protection through Operational Outsourcing

Wealth managers must conduct a careful review of an outsourcing provider’s capabilities in digital innovation and core wealth management functionality.



Electronic investor transaction document processing and workflow. Reduce risk, add transparency and create efficiencies.

Deliver an Optimal Experience to Your Investors

Provide your investors with the information they need in a manner that supports today’s firms and funds, inclusive of enhanced customer support, a user-friendly, self-service digital experience and access to documents and workflows.

  • Investor communications.
  • Transaction reporting.
  • Investor accounting.
  • Workflow management.