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Fund Administration

As the largest global fund administrator, SS&C provides global operations services and technology to today’s largest funds through start-ups.

Servicing All Fund Types

With global 24/7 support and multi-asset class support, SS&C can develop a solution for any size fund, asset class and structure.

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6 Things Your Fund Administrator Should Do For You

Who you choose matters. When evaluating fund administrators, these are the six main things you want to think about.


How Intelligent Automation Rewrites the Future of Fund Operations

Learn of the benefits from increasing automation, leveraging intelligent tools and eliminating offline processes using desktop software.

Press Release

Hudson Bay Capital Management Chooses SS&C for Fund Administration

Hudson Bay has appointed SS&C GlobeOp as its fund administrator after a thorough evaluation process.

Fund Administration Solutions from SS&C

With an exceptional team of fund accounting experts, SS&C brings the industry’s leading technology and delivers service for any new structure, asset class or regulation, giving you the speed and agility to capitalize on new opportunities.

Hedge Funds

Providing global 24/7 support, SS&C offers multi-asset class assistance with a customized model to support any size fund.

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Fund of Funds

As the leader in fund administration, SS&C can provide tailored services for all fund operational needs.

Hybrid/Infrastructure Funds

SS&C delivers broad asset class coverage for the most complex investment strategies, full transparency and regulatory support with solutions for accounting, tax, treasury and investor services.

Family Offices

Keeping up with the increasing needs of the family office and complexity of investments, SS&C offers a suite of technology powered services to help reduce operating costs, risk and disparate systems.

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Retail Alternatives

SS&C provides front to back office services and technology to meet the demands of distribution, compliance, communications and overall operations.

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Registered Funds

Offering you a suite of registered fund services for mutual funds, interval funds, exchange-traded funds and products (ETFs/ETPs), closed-end funds, collective investment trusts (CITs) and private managed products.

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Analytics Reporting Service

The major challenge to deriving risk and performance analytics for our clients is acquiring, formatting, mapping, and loading this data into analytic engines. The power of SS&C Reporting Services is that it takes this burden away from the client. SS&C takes all the responsibility for getting all of the required data from its fund admin systems, combining it with the required market data, and providing sophisticated analytics for both risk and performance efficiently and economically.

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HRM European Services Awards 2022 logo

HRM European Services Awards 2022 - Best Administrator Overall

Best Administrator - Credit

Private Equity Wire European Emerging Manger - Best Administrator - Credit

HRM European Services Awards 2022 - Best Administrator Overall

Private Equity Wire European Emerging Manger - Best Administrator - Credit


Changing Fund Administrators Can Be Painless

The decision to change to a new fund administrator can be a scary one, with the potential to burden resources and cause disruption.


Exploring The Opportunities and Challenges In Hybrid Funds

Hybrid funds have emerged as an increasingly popular way to satisfy investor demand for diversification resulting in exceptional returns.