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SS&C Retail Alternatives

You need a partner that understands the evolving demands on distribution, compliance, communications and overall operations. SS&C provides front to back office technology and services to help you maintain focus on growing assets.

Gain Control and Easily Manage Operations

With portfolio diversification becoming increasingly important, SS&C can provide multi-asset class assistance with a customized model to support any size fund or investment.

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Know your Non-Traded REITs: An Insight into Non-Traded REITs and Their Evolution

This whitepaper will provide an overview of REITs of all types, focusing on non-traded REITs, how they have evolved, key features of today’s product, the importance of technology-driven administration solutions.

Retail Alternatives Solutions from SS&C

Fund Administration

Front Office

Middle Office

Investor Servicing

Shadow Administration & Accounting

Infrastructure Support

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