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Revolutionizing Healthcare: Innovative Solutions By SS&C

Health consumers want and increasingly expect healthcare to work seamlessly when they need it, and health organizations must continue to transform to provide better health services and value.

Empowering Better Health Services

At SS&C Health, we collaborate with health organizations to improve delivery of quality care while optimizing operational efficiency, managing cost and maintaining compliance.

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Disparities In Health Care and How Population Health Analytics Can Help

Use the Johns Hopkins ACG® System to identify and address disparities, and create population health plans ensuring members receive appropriate care.


Real-Time Benefit: Validating Outcomes and Savings for Health Plans, Providers, and Patients

How to enable transparency and streamlined workflows at the point of care; improve member and provider experiences using real-time benefit.


Understanding Social Needs and Their Importance for Population Health

Use Social Need Markers with the ACG® System: Identify and address relationships between social needs and poor health outcomes at a population level.

Health Solutions from SS&C

With deep expertise, 30+ years of health industry experience and flexible, scalable technology and services, we provide solutions to transform your delivery of care.

Commercial Health Plans

From core administration and total cost of care analytics to clinical programs and digital engagement tools, SS&C Health offers flexible technology and services to fit your organization’s needs and power your strategic goals.

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Drug Card Program

Strategically grow and manage your drug card programs partnering with a pharmacy claims processing leader with an extensive pharmacy network, no conflict of interest and a focus on transparency.

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Government Programs

Focus less on administration and operations, and more on member care with a wide range of tools, advanced analytics and administrative services from a health technology leader in government programs.

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Health Providers

From understanding the risk profile of your population to identifying care and quality gaps at the point of care, SS&C Health offers population health and value-based analytics to help you achieve better clinical and financial outcomes.

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Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Technology and operations to drive growth for your PBM program. A comprehensive suite of tools and services helps you deliver a cost-effective solution focused on clinical results and member experience.

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Empowering Better Health Solutions

Explore how health plans, health organizations, pharmacy benefit managers are collaborating with SS&C to improve quality, cost, and experience for their members.