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Performance Measurement & Attribution

Performance measurement solution for investment attribution reporting, investment performance analysis and performance attribution analysis.

Provide Greater Transparency

Our powerful performance analysis solutions help calculate rates of return, attribution, composite returns and ex-post risk measures.

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thumbnail image of Six Things You Need to Know About Composite Management and GIPS pdf

Six Things You Need to Know About Composite Management and GIPS

We have compiled a list of six things you should know as your firm prepares to become compliant with GIPS.

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Tools for Robust Investment Performance Analysis

Performance Measurement Calculate portfolio performance down to the security level following a wide variety of methodologies across any asset class or currency.

Performance Attribution Our equity, fixed-income and user-defined attribution methodologies enable you to assess the impact of your investment decisions across any asset class or investment strategy.

Composite Creation and Management Automate the creation, calculation, maintenance and reporting of composites to stay in compliance with GIPS guidelines.

Performance Reporting Share critical investment insight through intuitive, role-based web dashboards and fully customizable, automated client reports.

Ex-Post Risk Analysis Using our ex-post risk functionality, you can better understand your rate of return by portfolio or asset class on a broad range of measures.