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Aug 17, 2018

Navigating the complex roadmap of financial data networks

Just as the transportation networks of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries – railways, highways, and air travel – reshaped the economy and society, modern data communications networks continue to have a fundamental impact on our world.

Aug 16, 2018

5 ways to effectively manage trust accounts with CRM

Trust companies have significant responsibility as a fiduciary for trust accounts as well as being responsible for managing and protecting the assets of the trust. Trying to find ways for improving the scalability and operating efficiency of your trust company can seem like quite the undertaking.

Aug 15, 2018

A conversation with Jeffrey Kleintop, Schwab’s Chief Strategist and SS&C Deliver keynote speaker

We recently caught up with Jeffrey to get his perspective on current events and market trends in advance of his keynote at SS&C Deliver in September.

Aug 14, 2018

The changing face of real asset investments

Real assets have long been viewed as stable investments and have diversified institutional and individual portfolios for decades. Such hard assets are defined as tangible and physical ones that have value due to their substance and properties.[1] Unlike financial assets, which are based on a contractual claim, like equity or debt, real assets have intrinsic value.

Aug 13, 2018

DGHM consolidates five software programs into one

In 2004, DGHM migrated to SS&C Advent’s Axys from a previous portfolio accounting system. However, as the firm grew, the asset manager decided to take advantage of an opportunity to streamline and consolidate its portfolio and account management software programs with Advent Portfolio Exchange (APX).

Aug 13, 2018

Can you afford early retirement?

Early retirement is a phrase many Americans wish they could turn into a reality. While retiring in your 50s or early 60s sounds enticing, it typically requires years of planning to make sure you've accumulated enough retirement assets to last for 20 or 30 years, or more.

Aug 10, 2018

Preparing for growth in the HNW wealth segment

According to a recent study investable assets of high-net-worth (HNW) individuals will increase by an estimated US$70 trillion within 3-4 years. With this staggering growth potential – is your firm prepared to accommodate such an influx of assets?

Aug 9, 2018

“This is not a drill”: CCOs recount their SEC exam experience

What is it like to get a call from the SEC saying they are planning to visit your firm? During our recent webinar, “CCO Speaks – Insights from Recent SEC Examinations,” two Chief Compliance Officers from two different firms, joined Focus 1 Associates’ Toby Cochran, Managing Member and President and me to answer questions like these and more.