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Empowering Growth – Trends in Sales Enablement for Asset Managers

In the hyper-competitive world of intermediary distribution, staying ahead of the competition requires not only solid investment capabilities but also effective sales enablement practices. As technology continues to reshape the financial landscape into 2024 and beyond, asset managers are leveraging innovative sales enablement trends to enhance client relationships, streamline processes and drive growth.

Let’s explore a few trends that should be on the minds of distribution, marketing and business intelligence leadership—but often aren’t—and a few questions that leadership should be asking themselves:

  • Digital Content Transformation: Traditional marketing materials are making way for dynamic, interactive digital content. Asset managers are investing in creating engaging multimedia content that resonates with clients and prospects, including interactive presentations, video content and immersive digital experiences. This is being managed concurrently with the “bread and butter content” like factsheets and brochures, all of which need to tie seamlessly into the personalized client journey.

    Are you producing high-quality and differentiated digital and traditional content? Do you know when and how to use different content with various client/client segments throughout their buying cycle?
  • CRM Integration and Data Analytics: CRM systems are evolving into comprehensive platforms that integrate seamlessly with other tools and provide valuable insights. Asset managers who recognize their CRM as an irreplaceable database of insights can gain a deeper understanding of client preferences, track interactions and better identify potential opportunities. Analytics efforts with an integrated CRM enable sales teams to make better data-driven decisions, enhancing the effectiveness of their outreach efforts.

    Have you designed your CRM to optimize data collection and analysis to integrate into various business intelligence efforts more effectively?
  • Sales Training and Development: Asset managers are increasingly investing in robust training programs that equip sales professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate not only the complexities of the financial landscape but also to navigate the complexities of their sales enablement programs. Continuous training is crucial for sales teams to stay informed about evolving market trends, regulatory changes and product updates. Training and tracking of the sales team’s use and understanding of analytics and sales enablement tools are essential in 2024.

    Do you train your sales organization—and other users—on using data and sales enablement tools? Do you track adoption and properly incentivize this use?
  • AI-Powered Sales Tools: Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing sales enablement by automating repetitive tasks and providing complex analytics in easy-to-digest formats. AI-powered tools—which analyze vast amounts of data quickly—will be used extensively to identify leads, predict financial advisors’ behavior, recommend personalized sales strategies and create content to augment the tasks of asset manager salespeople.

    Do you have a business strategy for AI? Have you identified use cases and prioritized efforts to test and measure intended outcomes?
  • Mobile Sales Enablement: In an era of hybrid work and on-the-go decision-making, mobile sales enablement is critical to the long-term sales enablement strategy. Asset managers are developing mobile-friendly platforms that empower sales teams to access critical information, conduct presentations and collaborate with clients from anywhere. Importantly, all tools/AI support made available via desktop should also be accessible via mobile devices.

    Have you optimized your ability to inform your sales org, deliver content and insights and collect valuable notes/information “on the fly” via digital and mobile activity?

Sales enablement is at the forefront of empowering asset managers to navigate an increasingly complex and competitive market. By embracing these trends, asset management firms can enhance their sales processes, foster stronger client relationships and position themselves for sustained growth.

The intersection of technology, data analytics and client-centric personalized strategies is reshaping the future of sales enablement in asset management and SS&C is well-positioned to help

It is one thing to know about and understand the trends, but it’s another thing to take action and do something about them. Those ready to take action, embrace innovation and lead in the evolving financial landscape are on board for an exciting future. Whether it’s assistance in prioritizing efforts or using one of our data platforms to inform and drive sales enablement processes, our consulting team stands by to assist leadership in navigating the complex ecosystem of sales enablement.


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