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Aug 3, 2022

The Breakaway Broker Trend Hits Asia, Enabled Through Technology

A global trend has arrived in Asia, in which brokers are pivoting toward wealth management services, or advisors from those wirehouses are launching their own wealth management firms.  The “breakaway broker” phenomenon isn’t exclusive to Asia and has been happening for a while in spots around the globe, but the trend is popping up more now in the region.   

Jan 10, 2022

SS&C Wins Two Categories in WatersTechnology Awards

SS&C was recently recognized by WatersTechnology in the Buy-Side Technology Awards, winning two of the 37 categories. WatersTechnology selected SS&C Sylvan as Best buy-side performance measurement and attribution product, and SS&C Advent Outsourcing Services (AOS) took home the award for Best outsourcing provider to the buy side.

Sep 22, 2021

Asset manager M&A means technology providers must keep up

The first half of 2021 saw several significant mergers and acquisitions in asset and wealth management, and the activity shows no signs of slowing. According to a recent PwC 2021 Midyear Outlook report, there were 145 transactions in the space in the first six months of the year. PwC anticipates the trend will continue amid ongoing diversification, innovation and transformation trends. SS&C recently sat down with several of our clients to discuss what M&A means for operations—and how technology providers can help their clients succeed.

Jul 22, 2021

Trillions of dollars at stake: don’t overlook the Great Wealth Transfer

In the decades ahead, the world will experience a significant change in demographics and finances as older individuals transfer large amounts of accumulated wealth to younger generations. In the U.S. alone, some $68 trillion in assets is estimated to be at stake. The Great Wealth Transfer, as it is nicknamed, presents a make-or-break opportunity for wealth management firms. Firms need to be proactive to make their offerings attractive to younger generations and create tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.

Mar 5, 2021

Digital distribution experience: where operations meet sales and marketing

This is an exciting time to be part of SS&C, both for employees and our clients—especially for the wealth management and asset management sides of the financial services industry. Our traditional business of record keeping and transfer agency-related services is quickly evolving as we recognize our clients’ work every day to grow and retain assets. We want to partner with them (you) to do just that, as we future-proof our offerings and honor our commitment to the industry. We will do so while keeping modern and secure digital capabilities at the forefront.

Nov 30, 2020

It’s Tax-Loss Harvesting Season ̶ Now What?

Every calendar year when November rolls around, it means one thing for North American wealth managers: it’s tax-loss harvesting (TLH) season. Throughout the course of the year, when sell orders are placed in clients’ accounts, a realized loss or gain is triggered based on whether a client made or lost money on the trade for a given position.

Nov 3, 2020

Five benefits of full-service software hosting by the software experts

The wealth and investment management industry faces multiple significant challenges at the same time—from market volatility and fee pressure to remote operational effectiveness and business continuity preparedness. As a result, many industry firms are looking at software and infrastructure-hosting services as a way to reduce their IT footprint and overhead, improve agility, make operational improvements, and gain time to focus on core business and strategic pursuits. But what exactly do software and infrastructure hosting services involve, and which option is best?

May 19, 2020

Value for today’s wealth managers via comprehensive cloud-based solution

COVID-19 highlights the importance of the internet, cloud computing, and remote or mobile technologies that keep us connected, informed and productive. For wealth managers, these modern tools allow them to serve clients and run their businesses. Still, the extent of their firm’s effectiveness relies heavily on its technology partner’s range of capabilities beyond remote and digital access.


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