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Celebrating Women and Diversity in FinTech Leadership

Women’s History Month was chockful of fundraisers, seminars and socials for SS&C, with our diverse team diving deep into this year’s theme of inspiring inclusion. Diversity and inclusion are a big part of SS&C’s values—in fact, that dedication to respect and recognizing merit have earned us a place on Newsweek’s America’s Greatest Workplaces for Women 2024, as well as Newsweek’s America’s Greatest Workplaces for Diversity 2024. This distinction—which Newsweek determined by a thorough review of publicly available data, direct employee feedback and analysis of company reviews—underscores our commitment to an inclusive corporate culture. We asked some of our leaders for their perspectives on how diversity can propel a company forward.

  • “I believe diverse teams deliver the greatest results, both in serving our customers and driving innovation and growth. That means casting a wide net to recruit and retain the best talent, including going the extra mile to foster inclusion when a talent pool might not be historically diverse.” – Karen Geiger, Co-General Manager, SS&C Wealth & Investment Technologies
  • “It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence and willingness to be uncomfortable. I believe Eleanor Roosevelt said it best: ‘No one can make you inferior without your consent.’” – Tori Dargati, General Manager, SS&C Health
  • “At the heart of Fintech, we are looking to create solutions that help everyone meet their life goals: save for college, buy your first house, enjoy retirement. #InspireInclusion is at the heart of this business imperative because we must have diversity of thought, experience and voice to solve these complex and multifaceted challenges.” – Nicole Greene, Head of SS&C Global Investor & Distribution Solutions, U.S.
  • “In my 20+ years in Tech, my observation is heterogenous teams are always more successful than homogenous teams. Enterprises have the opportunity to enhance their workforce’s power by building women’s confidence in their skills and capabilities.” – Tina Seuchter, V.P., Sales, DACH and Nordics, SS&C Blue Prism
  • “Over the past couple of decades, there has been significant progress on the inclusion of women in the technology industry—specifically, women who lead, influence policy, and make significant contributions around diversity of thought.” – Krista Kahn, V.P., Strategy & Business Development, SS&C Intralinks
  • “As AI and other technologies continue to influence the business models enterprises create, developing and retaining a broad mix of developer talent representing the enterprises’ customer base will become more important. The challenge lies in building a culture that values and supports the success of women in these fields.” – Linda Dotts, Chief Partner Strategy Officer, SS&C Blue Prism
  • “By exposing young girls and women to these possibilities early on, we can inspire them to pursue fulfilling careers in tech. When women are included in technology development, the resulting products are not only better but also resonate with a wider, more diverse audience.” – Stéphanie Bourdage-Braun, EVP, Customer Success and Delivery, SS&C Intralinks
  • “I believe inclusion must play a role in our daily work and personal lives as inequity still exists across all minority groups. Ensuring diversity of experience and thought in teams and communities is critical to success.” – Amalie White, Chief Transformation Officer, APA Operations, SS&C Global Investor & Distribution Solutions
  • “Including women at the table is not just about diversity or equality: it is a critical imperative. Women can bring in different perspectives, similarly to other diversities, which is just a smart way to do business.” – Judy Nelson, Head of Operations, SS&C Retirement

We would also like to take the opportunity to recognize two of our leaders who were selected for’s Women in Technology and Data Awards based on their accomplishments and influence in shaping the future of the technology space with their inspiration and leadership. Mina Wallace won Trading and Risk Vendor Professional of the Year, while Christen Bremner won Technology Innovator of the Year.

  • “Look for talent and foster it because it is not always in the most obvious place. Give people a chance, but don’t tolerate non-performers. Be honest/direct with people you work for and who work for you.” – Mina Wallace, General Manager and Senior V.P. of Risk Management, SS&C Algorithmics
  • “Diversity and inclusion bring varied perspectives, experiences, and insights to the table, which can lead to more innovative solutions and decision-making processes. Promoting inclusion helps ensure that talent is valued and fosters an environment of inclusion” – Christen Bremner, Senior V.P. and General Manager

As a global organization, we value diversity as one of our strengths. If you are interested in joining the FinTech and HealthTech industries, explore our open opportunities.

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