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Leaders in FinTech: International Women’s Day 2022

On March 8, we celebrate International Women’s Day. At SS&C, women make up almost 40% of the workforce and have played a key role in SS&C’s history since the company’s inception 35 years ago. To mark the occasion this year, we reached out to our leaders to get their perspectives on today’s environment for women in FinTech and HealthTech—and what advice they have for those entering the field.

What leadership insights do you want to share with women across the world?

  • Having mentors along the way helped, and I am a real advocate for offering an open door, welcoming all questions and mentoring others. It is always rewarding to see someone else achieve and know that you helped them a little in their journey. – Kerrie Fleetwood, Head of Risk & Compliance,  Essex, Basildon, England
  • I try to be generous in my support of others by sharing my experiences, knowledge and lessons learned to help guide others toward reaching their potential. I have always gained so much from those I mentor as well as those who have guided and supported me– Johnine Kilgallon, Managing Director, Business Development, NYC, NY
  • Be authentic and true to yourself. Diversity in leadership makes us stronger, so our goal should not be to mimic what other leaders are doing but rather bring our unique perspective to the table. – Karen Geiger, SVP, Co-General Manager, Advent, Oakland, CA
  • To be a successful leader, I think it’s important to be an advocate for yourself and advocate for others. Especially at a large organization, it’s important to articulate your value and the strengths and contributions you bring to the table. – Kailin Lang, Director, Business Risk, Enterprise Risk and Technology Services, Boston, MA
  • I’ve been very fortunate to have had some great role models along the way. I always looked to my leaders or others I admired, took mental notes of the areas I thought they were strong in, and wanted to improve myself. – Kimberly Shea, Senior Director, Global Crisis Management,
  • Leading by example is a highly successful approach. Global team motivation is very difficult to achieve in our post-COVID environment. Employees will always respond to a leader they feel connects with them through a positive example. – Dawn Rorke Munno, Managing Director, SS&C GlobeOp, NYC, NY

Why did you pick FinTech/HealthTech as your industry?

  • I don’t think I can say that I chose this industry—I believe that there was an element of luck, fate or destiny—initially, I studied law, but after I graduated, I got a job in financial services and never turned back. – Christy Bremner, SVP, Institutional and Investment Management, Boston, MA
  • Opportunity and timing and some great mentors kept me interested in this industry and all it offered. – Patricia Crockan, Co-Head of US GIDS, Quincy, MA
  • Compensation equality and promotion opportunities appear to be more possible in FinTech organizations, where the ability to be self-directed, innovative, agile, proactive, etc., are rewarded. – Mina Wallace, SVP and General Manager, Algorithmics, Toronto, Canada
  • I didn’t pick FinTech, but instead, FinTech picked me. I am curious, I like to learn, and take on challenges—inevitably, this combination has given me the direction that brings me to where I am now. – Dr. Zeynep Hizir, EMEA Institutional Business Development, London, England
  • Having a healthcare degree and enjoying business and product development, it was a perfect fit. It enables us to impact large numbers of patients with impactful programs and ensure that they receive the best value of care. – Deb Curry, PharmD, FAMCP, SVP, Clinical & Product Centers of Excellence, Health

What advice would you give to other women entering this space?

  • Don’t be afraid to take up space and make your voice heard. – Dana Frishkorn, Associate General Counsel and Managing Director, NYC, NY
  • Step into the work with your whole self and be ready for a roller coaster. This is fast-paced, changing non-stop, and growing rapidly. That means there will be highs, lows, fast days, slow days and everything in between. But if you can enjoy the ride with the people you are on the rollercoaster with, it can be quite fun—and rewarding! – Nicole Greene, Head of Brokerage Solutions, Boston, MA
  • Without any hesitation, put your hand up for the most challenging assignment and then over-deliver. – Tori Dargati, COO, Health
  • Never stop learning. IT/Technology changes every day, so you must continue to read widely and research to stay on-trend. Take it on as your responsibility, and do not rely solely on your employer to educate you. – Karen Astley, Director, Intelligent Automation Solutions, Sydney, Australia
  • When one is a team player, many things can be learned, such as cooperating, patience, commitment, burning the midnight oil when needed and encouraging others to contribute their best for achieving the team’s goal. – Chandrika Samuel, Director, Enterprise Risk and Technology Services, Hyderabad, India

As a global organization, we view diversity as one of our biggest strengths, so please join us in recognizing International Women’s Day and celebrating these leaders in our industry. If you are interested in joining the FinTech and HealthTech industries, explore our open opportunities.

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