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SS&C Retirement Solutions

Retirement Elevated

In a dynamic retirement landscape, differentiation and agility are paramount.


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Institutional clients
Million participants, members and policy holders
Assets under administration
Rollover middleware provider

Smart Investment. Elite Expertise. Swift Growth.

Our tailored solutions combine frictionless user experiences with intelligent technology investments, ensuring you stand out and pivot swiftly to seize new market opportunities.


Holistic retirement experience

Elevate your position in a saturated market with our integrated end-to-end solutions. Experience unmatched, white-labeled digital and customer support services for more seamless client interactions.


Maximized ROI

We provide cost-effective, user-centric technology for maximum adoption, ensuring you see tangible returns on your investment.


Agile market readiness

Embrace change and seize opportunities faster. Leverage our in-depth retirement knowledge and expert-driven system management to manage disruptions and find new opportunities, ensuring you’re always ahead of competitors.

What we can do for you

Personalized engagement solutions

Branded investor/employer/advisor web and mobile applications, financial wellness center, investment advice and guidance tools and advisor solutions.

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Account administration & servicing

Core recordkeeping for defined contribution plans, life & pension core policy administration, full or hybrid outsourcing, local customer service support, rollover and income portability, regulatory, operational and plan health, reporting.

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Retirement intelligence

Plan dashboard, pension dashboard, data services and consulting requirements.

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Who we support

Retirement Resources

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Six Key Questions to Consider When Thinking of Retirement Outsourcing

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Questions to ask when thinking about outsourcing retirement plan servicing.

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Retirement elevated. Smart investment. Elite expertise. Swift growth.

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SS&C Retirement Solutions elevate your position in a saturated market with integrated end-to-end solutions

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Delivering World-Class Client and Member Engagement

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Mobiles and the adoption of social media present an opportunity for defined contribution pension scheme providers to switch how they engage their members.

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Common Goals, Converging Paths: Retirement Solutions in the UK and Australia

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Challenges and opportunities in both markets and uncovers what UK and Australia retirement systems can learn from each other to help drive improvements.

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Meeting the Demand for Guaranteed Lifetime Income Solutions

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Eliminate the servicing and administrative complexity of guaranteed income solutions with SS&C’s Retirement Income Clearing & Calculation Platform.

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