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Financial Wellness Center

Financial education and wellness solutions personalized for every investor’s journey.

Drive Engagement with Employees, Investors and Participants

SS&C’s Financial Wellness Center provides personalized experiences, created through data and technology, to deliver meaningful calls-to-action and improve outcomes.
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Reducing Financial Stress: Addressing the Multi-Generational Investor Journey

Personalized, holistic financial wellness solutions help drive investor loyalty and improve customer satisfaction


Personalized Financial Wellness Center

SS&C's Personalized Financial Wellness Center provides financial education and wellness solutions for every participant journey.


The Evolution of Participant Engagement

Our Financial Wellness Center helps individuals achieve their financial goals by offering a range of planning tools and personalized educational resources.

Investor Benefits

  • Plan for Personal Financial Objectives - college planning, long-term savings goals and debt management.
  • Work Toward a Secure Retirement - increase financial literacy level for more informed, confident retirement planning choices.
  • Take Action - complete financial wellness quizzes and milestones to help address deficiencies.

Employer Benefits

  • Fiduciary Considerations - shows effort to act in the best interest of employees.
  • Enhanced Competitive Benefits Position - helps improve employee loyalty through increased engagement with the retirement plan.
  • Comprehensive Reporting Suite - a one-stop, web-based suite of reports providing real-time access, detailed analytics and actionable insights.

What is Financial Wellness?

Financial Wellness means different things to different people. However you define Financial Wellness, it takes education and planning. Learn more about available tools to help investors reach their Financial Wellness goals.