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Middle Office Services

Does it make sense to maintain middle-office activity in-house? Does it add value to your business? Do you have the right technology to automate and streamline processes? If the answer is “no,” consider delegating some or all of your middle office operations to SS&C. Gain agility and scalability while reducing your operational overhead.

Interested in T+1?

The May 2024 deadline is approaching. Want to prepare for the changes?

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Streamline Processes and Free Staff to be More Productive

Our experts can take on any or all of your middle-office operations so you can focus on more strategic activity that drives growth. And unlike other providers, we won’t make you fit into a standardized operating model. We can customize our capabilities across a broad spectrum of services to your requirements.

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The Top 5 Reasons Hedge Fund Firms Are Outsourcing More

Our infographic looks at the top 5 reasons firms are outsourcing more, read our full report for more details.


Three Key Drivers of Middle-Office Outsourcing

Explore the growth of middle office services, reasons behind the trend and considerations that may accelerate outsourcing in the near future.


Supporting Innovation - The Forces Driving a New Wave of Outsourcing

Download our middle office report with Hedgeweek to learn why outsourcing is growing in this space and what forces are driving a new wave of outsourcing.

Middle Office Solutions from SS&C

Hosting Services

Take advantage of the full functionality of our technology solutions without adding to your internal infrastructure or IT requirements. Our dedicated, experienced team will manage your technical environment and batch processing, freeing you to focus on your business.

Component Outsourcing

You can decide which processes make sense to outsource and which you’d prefer to manage in-house. Select from our vast menu of services, including reconciliation, performance and attribution, portfolio accounting and reporting, and more.

Full Business Process Outsourcing

SS&C can serve as an extension of your business, augment your in-house resources and help you achieve better results. We deliver comprehensive solutions for essential business processes, providing you with the scale, stability and expertise you need, at any stage of growth and through any economic cycle.

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Lift-Outs and Their Growing Importance

As fund managers focus on finding alpha, they are transitioning their operations to outsourcing and lift-outs.


T+1 Settlement Cycles: New Requirements and Best Practices

With the US set to shorten Settlement Cycles to T+1, and other markets already having made the change or planning to, investment managers must be ready.


What’s Driving the Increase in Outsourcing for Hedge Fund Firms?

The highly controlled world of hedge funds hasn’t always been trusting of outsourcing, but the pace of uptake over the past few years has increased.

Comprehensive Middle Office Services from SS&C

Trade Matching and Settlement

Our full-service trade matching capabilities offers trade affirmation, communication and fails management to reduce settlement risk. SS&C’s technology provides seamless connectivity to various post-trade utilities through a single point of integration creating a highly flexible post-trade workflow.

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Valuations Workflow

As an independent fund administrator SS&C provides client-tailored OTC valuation services through proprietary analytical libraries and pricing applications to support your valuation requirements.

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Voluntary Corporate Actions

Automated corporate action notification, election instruction, acknowledgments, and confirmation to and from custodians via SWIFT to help reduce costs and risks of voluntary corporate actions events.

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Investment Book of Record (IBOR)

Our IBOR solutions provide an accurate and consistent view of all your holdings and cash regardless of asset class firm-wide. Transforming trade data to drive effective investment decisions.

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Collateral Management

SS&C has been at the forefront of collateral solutions with our cloud based technology as market demands and regulations increase. Let the SS&C service teams minimize your operational and counterparty risk via our integrated collateral management platform and efficiently manage both your initial and variation margin collateral exposure using securities and cash.

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Treasury and Cash Management

Real-time, aggregated views of available cash positions for timely deployment decisions to gain operational efficiencies, meet regulatory requirements and maximize returns.

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Uncleared Margin Rules

The impacts of Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR) are complex with new rules coming every January and September. Explore our resources below or contact us today and we’d be happy to help you navigate the nuances.

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Shadow Administration

Our shadow services give our clients transparency and allow them to focus on other tasks such as portfolio management. We know how important data protection is to our clients and work to offer protection at the highest level with expertise you can trust.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Go beyond hosting with business process outsourcing (BPO). Outsource specific functions or augment current staffing levels with an adaptive and flexible BPO model to help you grow a scalable business.

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