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SS&C GoWire™

Centralize wire authorizations across banks and custodians through one online platform for both cash and security activities.

A Single Database for Enhanced Controls

Transparently store and maintain settlement instructions for all wire types in one location.

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clients supported
wires processed daily
SSIs stored
custodian/banks SWIFT connectivity
standard settlement instructions

Simplify Wire Processing

With GoWire, firms can access real-time data and monitor settlement processes closely. Make decisions more quickly and proactively manage

potential issues before they escalate.

Simplify Operations

Enter standard settlement instructions for cash and security wires, payments instructed to executing banks via SWIFT, and authorize cash wire payments from multiple bank accounts with multiple institutions.

Enhance Controls and Security

A systematic validation of authorized signers based on wire criteria reduce manual processing and access points.

Automate Manual Processes

Stay up to date automatically with all SWIFT and wire formatting requirements through the continuing automation of manual processes and authorization controls.


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SS&C GoWire

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Download our SS&C GoWire brochure to learn how we offer transparency into storing and maintaining settlement for wires.

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