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Trade Matching and Settlement

Amidst changing regulations and shortening of market settlement cycle, it’s more important than ever to have an efficient trade matching and settlements process.

Full Outsourcing of Post-Trade Functions

Ineffective process leads to a high number of trade failures, and can expose managers to market penalties or interest claims, as well as the reputation risk of being unable to settle trades in a timely manner.

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Clients using SS&C Trade Matching & Settlements Service
Hours Global Service Coverage
Confirmation, allocation and communication on all trades
Matching and communication platform integrations
Matching and communication platform integrations

Avoid Settlement Failure and Achieve Operational Alpha

Ease of Integration

Seamlessly connect to various post trade utilities through single point of integration to automated and streamline processes.

Gain Agility and Scalability

Highly flexible post trade workflow that allows investment managers to scale-up their product mix or increase number of trading and clearing relationships.

Reduction in Settlements Risk

Tailored workflow is designed to conform to different market norms and regulation, resulting in significant reduction in buy-in or market penalty risks.

Optimize Resource Utilization

Reduce costs by outsourcing critical, time-sensitive, manual tasks for investment managers and front-office personnel.


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SS&C Trade Matching and Settlements Service

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We offer full outsourcing of post-trade execution functions such as trade affirmation/confirmation, trade communication and fails management.

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Press Release

SS&C Exceeds 150 Clients on Trade Matching & Settlements Service

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SS&C has more than 150 clients using its Trade Matching & Settlements Service to support post-trade execution functions. We can help you prepare for trade settlement cycles shortening to T+1 in 2024.

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Trade Matching and Settlement FAQs

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Download our Frequently Asked Questions to understand the common questions clients have and our answers to them.

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