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Investment Book of Record

Firms today struggle with investment operation headaches such as data fragmentation, operational inefficiency, compliance challenges and the need for real-time insights.

Official IBOR

Firms with an official IBOR are better positioned to make informed decisions, effectively manage risk and meet regulatory requirements. In an era where data and technology are paramount in investment management, an investment book of record is indispensable.

data table and buildings
Daily IBOR reports delivered
STP transaction (trade) capture rate
Third-party interfaces consolidated and normalized

This is your ultimate source of truth

Eliminate Data Silos

Data fragmentation issues across systems are a thing of the past as an IBOR effectively eliminates data silos. SS&C’s IBOR provides normalized and standardized data for all asset classes in one file.

Reduce Operational Risk

By systematically reconciling data and introducing automated break resolution, you will significantly reduce the risk of errors in trade processing and reporting.

Timely Insights Add Validity to Decision-making

Real-time views and updates ensure that market participants can respond promptly to market shifts and client requests.


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Official IBOR

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Firms struggle with investment operation issues like data fragmentation, operational inefficiency, compliance challenges and real-time insights.

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