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Collateral Management

With SS&C, your collateral solution will evolve as market demands and regulations change ensuring you are always kept up to date.

Proactivity manage collateral exposures and margin requirements based on verifiable data.

Minimize operational and counterparty risks along with efficiently managing both initial and variation margin exposure using securities and cash.

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clients supported globally
OTC product types
calls calculated per day across
brokers In-house Quantitative & Valuation teams
custodians & banks connected to SWIFT

Minimize Operational and Counterparty Risk

Scalable solution

Ensure collateral management is able to react to market events and increased volumes.

Stay current

Keep up to date with regulatory requirements such as Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR), Form PF and EMIR Refit.

Enhanced security

Move cash and securities pledges via secure dedicated SWIFT platform for both third party and tri-party allocation methods.


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Collateral Management

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We're at the forefront of collateral solutions with our cloud based proprietary technology evolving as market demands and regulations grow.

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