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Treasury Management Platform

Get the maximum value from your treasury data. Leverage our automated SaaS platform to see in real-time your cash balances, margin and collateral exposure, and securities financing positions—so you can make timely decisions to actively manage and optimize your resources.

Eliminate time-consuming manual and spreadsheet-based oversight

Avoid spending time compiling spreadsheet reports from all your banks and custodians. Our automated solution aggregates all your account data and delivers it in standardized formats for actionable insights.



How a Treasury Management Solution Can Help

Our treasury management ebook looks at why it's important to have a solution and provides a case study example.

Case Study

Treasury Management - Emso Case Study

Optimizing the treasury function requires streamlined automation increases efficiency and tightens operational controls.


Driving Alpha with Active Treasury Management

We explore the changing role of the treasury function, how firms can achieve incremental performance and profitability gains through treasury management

Turn Treasury into an Alpha-Driving Front-Office Asset

Manage cash online — Put unencumbered cash to productive use to optimize value.

Gain agility and scalability — Adapt quickly to changes in your business or the markets.

Compete more effectively — Demonstrate your ability to optimize returns through efficient treasury management.

Easy-to-use platform — Responsive interface, exception-based alerts, SWIFT connectivity.


Gaining Operational Efficiency With Effective Treasury Management

Treasury management includes cash and foreign exchange management, financing leverage, collateral and exposure management.


How Active Treasury Management Drives Alpha

Fund managers are looking for alpha in areas that have previously been overlooked, and firms are seeing active treasury management as a way to drive value.


Reimagine Treasury Management as a Profit Center

Fund firms are increasingly looking to active treasury management as a way to drive value through incremental performance and profitability gains