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Workplace Pensions

A Global Servicing Platform helping our corporate clients reduce operational complexity and effectively engage with their members to improve retirement outcomes.

Innovative Digital Solutions Help Our Clients Attract New Employer Schemes and Retain Existing Members

SS&C’s Global Servicing Platform optimizes operations to help our clients reach new markets through targeted solutions, underpinned by high levels of automation and digital capability.
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Embracing Digital Transformation in Workplace Pensions

The UK workplace pensions industry is starting to realize that while growth is good, it needs an operational infrastructure to handle it. The pensions industry is due for a digital step change. In this paper, SS&C and workplace pension scheme providers consider the drivers for change, and what opportunities this could bring.

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A Differentiated, Best-In-Class Member Experience

Our digital platform can provide workplace providers with:

Unique digital user experience customized to your members, providing a key area of differentiation.

Intuitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that can support members, advisors and employers 24/7.

Tools and calculators that drive members to engage and invest in their retirement plan.

Mobile access framework providing members, advisors and employers convenience beyond the norm with 24/7 access.

Omnichannel member engagement seamless experience across communication platforms using webchat and chatbot technologies.

Instant insight for members, employers and advisors seamless handoffs between channels, and “widget” integration with intranets.

Quickly configure bespoke experiences creating personalized solutions from a powerful toolkit.