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Sep 6, 2017

Defining a successful CECL implementation at the AICPA Banking Conference

Financial industry professionals will gather September 11-13 in National Harbor, Maryland, at the AICPA conference to learn about the latest developments in the banking industry. Once again, FASB’s new credit loss accounting standard ASC 326-20, more commonly referred to as “CECL” (Current Expected Credit Loss) will take center stage. With respect to the transition to CECL, it is imperative that institutions understand the distinction between CECL compliance and CECL ...

May 15, 2017

A successful CECL implementation begins with a holistic approach

By Lauren Smith The Current Expected Credit Loss accounting standard (CECL) replaces the incurred loss model with a lifetime expected credit loss estimate, which will result in significant changes to financial institutions’ reserving process. Many industry experts consider CECL to be the biggest change to bank accounting ever. Is your institution prepared for the change, or do your current systems and processes fall short? A successful transition will include a holistic approach, but how ...

Oct 11, 2016

Survey: Impact of CECL Among Banks Making Transition

By Kendall Reischl We’ve seen and heard a lot of industry talk lately about CECL (Current Expected Credit Loss). Over the past few months, a number of industry professionals have given their opinions and recommendations on what banks need to do to prepare for the CECL transition. However, most of this commentary hasn’t been from those people who will be most affected by CECL - individuals working at banking institutions. To get a better idea of the direct impact of these looming changes to ...

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