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What to Look for in a Subaccounting Provider

When selecting a subaccounting provider, it’s crucial to consider various factors given the high stakes for your business and clients. It’s essential to take a holistic view: scope of services, industry expertise, ability to scale, track record of execution and risk management, as well as cost and whether additional resources from your firm are needed on an ongoing basis.  

Be wary of organizations claiming the ability to simply reduce your costs. These cost-cutting measures often come at your expense. You only realize you need a particular service afterward, or you are still responsible for resourcing and supporting it at your firm.

Providers who have a global scale and scope can support a wider range of asset classes and product offerings, making them better positioned to support your growth now and into the future. When you choose a provider that can deliver a total package experience, you gain full-service business process outsourcing (BPO) for your operations. Plus, a partner who will not only explore but also has the capability and capacity to support evolving business models like integrated group retirement solutions, alternative investments and 529 products.  

Why SS&C Brokerage Solutions?

SS&C’s strong industry presence is represented by our active participation in the ICI, SIFMA, NICSA, IPA, and other industry groups. With more than 20 years of experience in solving the subaccounting business needs of firms, SS&C Brokerage Solutions is a trusted industry leader with a demonstrated track record of excellence.

We are positioned for scale:

  • Over 70 million positions across 24,000 CUSIPs.
  • Real-time connectivity across the organization with SS&C’s transfer agent for up-to-date fund processing attributes and rules, synchronized pricing, fund distribution data, and other corporate actions information.
  • Multi-faceted reconciliation system and processing delivering improved control and faster resolution, leading to better client experiences.

We are experts:

  • We integrate with the industry’s leading brokerage system providers, as well as proprietary brokerage systems.
  • We understand today’s business needs, leveraging our broad ecosystem and continuous investments in technology throughout the SS&C organization.
  • We continue to advance our service offering by leveraging intelligent automation and modernizing our platforms.

Whether you are using our systems as a service (SaaS) or taking advantage of our experienced operations and processing teams, SS&C Brokerage Solutions will deliver an unmatched client experience and unlock new possibilities for your growth and success. To learn about how SS&C’s Subaccounting solution can help your business, view our "Subaccounting" page or contact us today.

Need more solutions than subaccounting? Whether it’s a fully outsourced back office support model for alternative funds, or flexible management of unanticipated disruptive business events, we’re positioned to help solve the challenges that come your way.

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