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SS&C ALTSERVE: Simplifying the Back Office for Alternatives

ALTSERVE™ is an integrative, outsourced back-office solution that automates and standardizes the range of labor-intensive and disconnected functions associated with processing alternatives.

Scalable Growth: The Benefits of Outsourcing

Leveraging custom-built technology and SS&C’s deep experience in broker-dealer and alternative servicing, ALTSERVE helps broker-dealers manage—and grow—their alternative business in a more cost-effective, scalable way.

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Simplifying Broker-Dealer Processing for Alternatives

SS&C ALTSERVE gives broker-dealers the ability to compete and grow their alternative investment offering by eliminating the chaos.


How Broker-Dealers Can Capitalize on the Alternative Asset Boom

ALTSERVE™ simplifies processing, improves transparency, and reduces risk. It leverages custom-built technology and expert staffing, drawing on SS&C's extensive experience in broker-dealer and alternative investment servicing


Know your Non-Traded REITs: An Insight into Non-Traded REITs and Their Evolution

This whitepaper will provide an overview of REITs of all types, focusing on non-traded REITs, how they have evolved, key features of today’s product, the importance of technology-driven administration solutions.

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What Makes SS&C ALTSERVE Unique?

Full operations support by an experienced alternatives team.

Platform Agnostic

ALTSERVE can integrate with advisor-friendly, front-end systems to facilitate the handoff to back office processing.


Strong Control Environment

Significantly reducing capital charges while delivering a better client experience.


Place orders through an automated account onboarding solution and process them to fund issuers. Standardized trade files result in systematic posting and processing.

Position Outreach & Reconciliation

Regular outreach to fund issuers and their administrators to identify and reconcile position breaks to ensure accurate and timely processing.


Provide a centralized location to process and track transfers.

Reliable Pricing Information

Received from fund issuers and administrators directly, preventing estimations.

Security Master and Corporate Action Information

Received from fund issuers and administrators directly, maintained in a centralized database.

Simplified Reporting

Normalize data from various sources and formats into a consolidated, digestible format to clients.