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Leveraging SS&C Blue Prism for Enhanced Precision and Accuracy

Organizations want to maximize operational efficiency, drive revenue growth and deliver exceptional value. Accomplishing these three objectives in a rapidly evolving digital landscape is very challenging. Organizations need to embrace and strategically implement automation technologies.


SS&C Technologies is leading this transformation by leveraging its own SS&C Blue Prism technology to revolutionize its operations. In 2023, this strategic implementation led to a $100 million run-rate cost reduction, greater satisfaction in our workforce, and a successful migration from a legacy RPA tool. A key benefit for our clients is enhanced precision and accuracy.


Impressive, right? Let’s explore this more.


Vision for Automation at SS&C


SS&C Blue Prism technologies include:

  • Business process management (BPM)
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Intelligent document processing (IDP)
  • Rules engines
  • Large Language Models (LLMs) and other artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

SS&C is committed to expanding its digital workforce from more than 1,000 digital workers in 2023 to 3,000 in 2024. We believe this growth will allow SS&C to significantly expand and enhance operational efficiency and flexibility. The SS&C Blue Prism IA platform is central to this vision, providing reliability, security, and scalability along with the precision and accuracy our clients demand. 


At the heart of this journey lies our enablement approach: a pragmatic strategy focused on empowering each business division. IA can help set up infrastructure, nurture resolute automation teams, supply specialized training, orchestrate product rollouts and scale through our industry-leading robotic operating model (SS&C | Blue Prism ROM™2). This end-to-end approach ensures SS&C Blue Prism enhances our operational capabilities, optimizes efficiency and, most importantly, delivers exceptional value.


This transformative journey isn’t just about technology; the journey is about redefining how we operate and deliver value. We empower our people, optimize our processes and deliver excellence.


Organizational Structure for Success


We combined our IA platform with our subject matter expertise. SS&C’s significant domain expertise, and Blue Prism’s scalability, allowed for the rapid deployment of 1000+ digital workers across our entire ecosystem. 


SS&C’s business units became customers of Blue Prism, ensuring our operations are at the forefront of innovation. We’ve implemented an automation culture while contributing valuable customer feedback to drive the platform’s roadmap.


Key Achievements and Impact


Our C-level leadership has been instrumental in driving rapid outcomes and establishing clear automation objectives. Here are some examples of key automations driving value:


Global Investor and Distribution Solutions

Enhancing interactive broker withdrawals and estate maintenance processes to improve customer satisfaction and ensure accuracy.


Regulatory Solutions

Streamlining e-file addenda and flat fee filings to optimize resources and ensure accurate data


Health Solutions

Accelerating claims and adjustments processing to boost efficiency and reduce manual errors. 


Retirement Solutions

Implementing auto-match/auto-release funding source indexing to ensure precise and accurate transactions.


Fund Services

Optimizing new account setup and reconciliation break resolution to meet stringent SLAs.


IT Security

Automating Qualys Leaver and SMART ticket access to enhance governance processes with accurate system user provisioning.


Looking Ahead


As SS&C continues our journey with SS&C Blue Prism, our focus remains on delivering tangible value. We are optimizing operational efficiencies and generating new revenue streams. By strategically aligning our efforts with these objectives, we anticipate significant progress in 2024.


Through collaborative efforts, innovative solutions and a steadfast commitment to excellence, we are determined to unlock the full potential of our technology investments and drive impactful outcomes. The future of SS&C is bright. With SS&C Blue Prism, we are reshaping the way operations are done—setting new standards for efficiency and accuracy.


To learn more about how automation can propel you forward, contact us.

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