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SS&C's Analytics & Reporting: Boosting Hedge Fund Performance

A turn-key report package and service that provides timely and accurate risk analytics, performance, and regulatory insights of your holdings. The service is an add-on to your existing SS&C solutions and streamlines your operations by eliminating manual processes.

Gain new business insights - we handle all your data and complex calculations

Start receiving industry standard analytics reports with virtually no setup.

  • Get instant access
  • Understand the risk profile of your entire portfolio
  • Eliminate manual calculation
  • Access otherwise cost prohibitive risk modelling capabilities
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SS&C Analytics Reporting Service

SS&C Analytics Reporting Service offers a turn-key standard report package streamlining your operations by eliminating manual, tedious processes.


Financial Analytics – choosing a better path

Streamline manual and error-prone tasks to enable your team to be productive, efficient and focused on value-added activities.

Get up and running in days with sophisticated financial analytics.

Developed as a subscription service for SS&C clients, we make onboarding simple and fast. Once subscribed, our processes securely retrieve your data from the fund accounting system. From there, we handle all the workflows and calculations. You can then access the fund portal to receive the report package to streamline your regulatory filings, investor and compliance reports, internal dashboards and more.

Powered by SS&C Algorithmics

SS&C Algorithmics is the award-winning financial risk management solution for financial institutions worldwide. Its powerful risk engine is the backbone for the Analytics Reporting Service.

  • Sourcing market data, terms and conditions
  • Performing sophisticated calculations and aggregation for high volumes of data
  • Running the most advanced scenario analytics, leveraging cutting-edge technologies