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Customer Due Diligence and Anti-Money Laundering

Regulations, technicalities of requirements, external audits and inspections are increasing across jurisdictions globally causing managers to seek solutions for due diligence.

Risk-Based Diligence Models

Customer due diligence and adherence to anti-money laundering, combatting financing of terrorism and counter-proliferation compliance regulations are significant obligations and operational burdens. Let SS&C help.

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Customer Due Diligence and Anti- Money Laundering

Download our brochure to learn about SS&C's risk-based due diligence models for customer due diligence and AML.


KYC and AML Screening for the Funds Industry - A Solution to the Problem

Funds can be bought and sold, Know Your Client (KYC), AML, and CFT, and sanctions checks on investors and distributors are manual.


AIMA Guide to Sound Practices for Customer Due Diligence

SS&C worked with AIMA to produce this guide to be transparent with clients on what they can do to assist with customer due diligence.

Ongoing Due Diligence and Monitoring

Leverage expertise

Subject matter experts have the most up to date and informed guidance on the latest global regulatory changes.

Reduce expensive internal staffing costs

Outsource risk analysis and due diligence to knowledgeable and informed expert staff instead of hiring internally.

Consolidate due diligence

Support for all levels of customer due diligence - investor, investment, counterparty or prospect – with staff and technology to simplify your due diligence needs.

Know your customer

Access to real-time data and analytics capabilities to enable responsible persons the ability to analyze and understand the risk impacts of their clients.