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SS&C Learning Institute

From a library of CE courses to timely articles and videos, we offer cutting-edge professional education to excel in our dynamic industry.

Supporting the Growth of Your Most Valuable Asset – Your People

Learning online is ideal for busy professionals seeking to gain knowledge, improve skills and earn CPE credits at their own convenience. We offer hundreds of hours of online content written by industry experts and developed with leading-edge technologies to deliver a superior learning experience.

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Learning online is ideal for busy professionals. GAMMA is a digital library of hundreds of courses optimized for professional education.


GAMMA Course Listing

The GAMMA digital library includes 300+ hours of financial markets courses across an extensive range of topics. Explore the content within the library.


GAMMA CPE Credit Listing

The GAMMA library offers online education programs approved with various accrediting bodies for hundreds of Continuing Professional Education credits.

Continuing Professional Education

The GAMMA Library contains hundreds of online courses across an extensive range of financial markets topics. Content within the library is accredited for various continuing professional education (CPE) credits.

If you are an individual looking to complete online courses for CPE credits, you can register for an individual license at the following links:

If you have completed a course eligible for CPE credits, fill in the CPE Credit Application form and email it to

Learning Services

Whether crafting a new course or exploring ways to enhance an existing program, our team can help design, develop and deliver digital learning materials specific to your organization’s unique requirements.

Services include:

  • On-demand Webinars—1- to 2-hour webinars facilitated by industry experts across a wide variety of topics.
  • Content Modernization—Redevelop previous training programs into engaging eLearning programs with the latest technology.
  • New Course and Test Development—Design, develop and deliver learning programs tailored to your objectives.



The SS&C Learning Institute provides the latest and greatest technology to ensure an optimal learning experience.

  • Learning Management System— Cloud-based platform to securely deliver, track and report on learning programs for your organization.
  • Robust Integration Capabilities— Simple to deploy, the SCORM-compliant platform includes the option to integrate with existing enterprise systems.
  • NeuroLab—By measuring brainwave activity using electroencephalographic (EEG) technology, we use innovative techniques to test various content types and measure the efficiency and efficacy of the content.