Rightsizing Sales Organizations and Managing Territories

This report provides a framework to take a more data-driven approach to rightsizing sales organizations:

  • Use data related to sales, revenue, costs, and competitive opportunity to understand how the sales organization is performing overall, and territory by territory.
  • Look for opportunities to optimize sales. Are you focused on the optimal set of advisors? Are your sales engagements yielding optimal results? Are there opportunities to reduce costs or better align talent with opportunity?
  • Determine which metrics you will use to evaluate performance. Building an interactive dashboard to review performance for the sales organization and for each territory, determine where to focus optimization efforts, but also where sales teams are at capacity and could benefit from additional resources.
While there isn’t a single universal formula that works to determine whether a sales organization is ready for additional staff (or requires a reduction), there is a relatively simple way to make the determination once you apply the data you have about the business and its customers.


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