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SS&C Singularity™ is revolutionizing middle- and back-office investment operations and accounting through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Predictive Analytics (PA) and other embedded innovative technologies. These tools enable Singularity to achieve new levels of efficiency, data accessibility and transparency while achieving 40% or more potential cost savings through technology consolidation, operational automation, and real-time processing.

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Episode #1 - Intelligent Navigation Episode #2 - Flexible Multi-Basis Accounting Episode #3 - Machine Learning Matching & Reconciliation Episode #4 - Advanced Analytics for Financial Reporting Episode #5 - RPA-Driven Automated Break Repair Episode #6 - Broad Asset Coverage Episode #7 - NLP-Driven Event Processing Episode #8 - Centralized Flexible Security Master Episode #9 - Unparalleled Data Access Episode #10 - Yield Proofs & Valuation Methods Episode #11 - Integrated Operations & Accounting Episode #12 - Optimized Collateral Management Episode #13 - Advanced Risk Analytics

From machine learning to robotic process automation, our clients tell us they are ready to take the next leap. Whether it's in the cloud, on smart devices, building analytics, investment intelligence, or outsourcing, SS&C Singularity is today’s transformational technology – allowing you to scale and confidently transform your business.

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Leverage a comprehensive range of middle- and back-office outsourcing services from SS&C, while benefiting from Singularity’s unparalleled levels of operational efficiency, data accessibility, real-time transparency and oversight.

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