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Developed and powered through the collective intelligence of our blue-chip Joint Venture with Elevance Health and Humana, DomaniRx is an adaptive, scalable pharmacy benefit administration platform, essential to drive change and accelerate growth.


Claims processing to the power of three

In a partnership between three of the most trusted names in healthcare and technology, we bring what matters most: agility with stability. A new source of value so you can deliver the experiences, quality of care and affordability your members expect.



DomaniRx - Agility with Stability

Our cloud-agnostic, API-enabled, scaled platform seamlessly connects disparate systems to provide a holistic view of information, so you can overcome data silos, inefficient operations and stifled innovation.

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True operating model flexibility in an independent alternative of scale

Choice and affordability

Modular functionality enables fast, easy system enhancements, reducing overhead and expense. Our API-enabled platform lets you engage with any application or system. Open APIs and data streaming put all your data at your fingertips; allowing you to self-service.

Speed and scalability

Self-service setup and maintenance lets you manage plans, staff, and turnaround times. Real-time data availability to all consuming services enables real-time event-driven processing.

Focus on growth and success

Working with a vendor that doesn’t own a pharmacy or any kind of healthcare organization means there is no conflict of interest. Our focus is solely on providing access to technology and services that empower your growth and success.

Feature-rich functionality

Plug and play integration, and event-driven processing enable ultimate data flexibility and faster implementation. Our platform modernizes your pharmacy benefits administration so you can automate & streamline operations and improve outcomes.

Million covered lives
Unique benefit plans
Years of combined experience