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Event Center Services

Comprehensive, scalable, business event management services underpinned by deep financial industry experience.

Deliver Your Best When Responding to Critical, Time-Sensitive Business Events

Fully comply with the demands of a disruptive business event more efficiently and cost-effectively than going it alone with Event Center’s flexible outsource model and expert support.

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Case Study

Event Center Client Case Studies

SS&C’s Event Center Services helps insurers, investment firms, banks and other institutions manage disruptive business events on an outsourced basis.


Prepare for the Unexpected: A Guide to Remediation and Investor Distributions

A properly executed remediation will help protect and enhance your reputation, and strengthen customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty.


Crisis Management - Rapid Response

Minimize the impact of a cybersecurity threat and reduce post-data breach impact with our customized, tested incident response program.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Expert Support

SS&C’s Event Center provides

Event Management

  • Project management and consultation.
  • Data mining and conversion.
  • Calculation of impact/harm.
  • Intermediary outreach.
  • Print mail coordination.
  • Reporting, accounting and attestations.

Scalable Staffing

  • Call center – inbound/outbound.
  • Transaction processing.
  • Document review.
  • Data entry.

Efficient Operations

  • Ability to work within the client environment.
  • Proprietary Event Center system.
  • Interactive and informational web solutions.
  • Distribution and cash management.
  • RPO mail (return from the Post Office).