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One platform delivered by innovative, domain-specific SaaS enables financial institutions to execute complex, enterprise-wide credit risk analytics for regulatory stress testing.

Streamline Data, Models, Analytics and Results onto a Single Platform

Execute enterprise-wide credit risk analytics and stress testing in a controlled, auditable and scalable platform that streamlines data, models, new business generation and macro-economic scenarios.

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SS&C EVOLV: Solve Today’s Challenges, Meet the Demands of Tomorrow

A long-term, sustainable solution that enables our clients to adapt to changing business needs and meet new reporting requirements.

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Deliver Out-Of-The-Box Capabilities Required to Support the Credit Analytics Process

Execute credit stress testing, advanced risk analytics and consolidate data and models from all lines of business.

Integrated Data Management cleanses, normalizes and prepares data with applicable custom business rules to enrich and transform data prior to processing and reporting.

Flexible Model Execution hosts models for reserving and credit risk management by supporting SS&C EVOLV, third-party and client-built models, and allows the use of different model types for diverse portfolio segments. Includes portfolio segmentation, flexible discounting, specific review and supports qualitative adjustments.

New Business Generation integrates newly acquired or originated loans into future periods for stress testing and scenario analysis.

Robust Reporting and Business Intelligent Analytics includes 100+ customizable reports, 3,000+ attributes and business calculations, and automates mapping to DFAST and CCAR templates. Generates actionable insights via domain-aware business intelligent reporting allowing management to address strategic initiatives.

Credit Review supports the management of assets assessed on an individual basis, and converts unorganized credit data from various sources into actionable information. Addresses specific review assets in scope of ASC 310-10-35 (FAS 114), ASC 310-30 (SOP 03-3), CECL, IFRS 9 Impairment and client-specified processes.