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SS&C Sightline

Eliminate rigid reporting, simplify fragmented processes and gain valuable insights with a self-serve, scalable web-based BI platform that adapts to change, streamlines data challenges and accelerates business value.

Accelerate Business Value with On-Demand Reporting and Analytics

Learn how Sightline's reporting and analytics platform enables businesses to make informed decisions by eliminating report building limitations.

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SS&C Everywhere - On-Demand Data Management

Giving customers autonomy over data with the fusion of data, automation, and AI to accelerate business value, improve margins and mitigate business risk.


The Advancement and Future of Data Management and Visualization

Get insights on financial growth and risk mitigation with SS&C through our whitepaper on data management and business intelligence tools.


Work with SS&C to Solve Your Data Challenges

Self-service allows employees to access and analyze data from multiple sources, increasing efficiency and preparing businesses for data-driven challenges.

Effortless data integration, dynamic reporting. Secure, adaptable, self-service analytics

Imagine effortlessly combining and displaying information from various sources into a centralized model. Sightline provides a secure, adaptable and flexible on-demand reporting and analytics solution. It's ideal for organizations that require an easy-to-use self-service analytics system. Our adaptable reporting system simplifies the process, allowing business users to access, view, and share data intuitively.

Flexible No-code Tools

Allows business users to easily manipulate, join and analyze data to create custom views and reports.

Flexible Reporting

Break free from rigid reporting systems; build any report or dataset on demand.

Data Integration

Consolidate data sources, harmonize, and validate for a unified source of truth.

Real-time Access

Instant, secure, self-service access within hours to granular data access for confident, data-driven decisions.

Automated Flows

Streamline data flows for speed, accuracy, and scalability.

Collaborative Analytics

Foster teamwork with shared data integrity.

Customizable Dashboards

Tailor visuals for quick, insightful drill-downs.

Flexibility in Architecture

Can complement or replace an organization's existing architecture based on specific needs and requirements.