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SS&C Sightline

Eliminate rigid reporting, simplify fragmented processes and gain valuable insights with a self-serve, scalable web-based BI platform that adapts to change, streamlines data challenges and accelerates business value.

Accelerate Business Value with On-Demand Reporting and Analytics

Learn how Sightline's reporting and analytics platform enables businesses to make informed decisions by eliminating report building limitations.

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SS&C Sightline - On-Demand Web-based Business Intelligence Platform

Consolidates and visualizes data to eliminate silos and unlock insights.

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Effortless data integration, dynamic reporting. Secure, adaptable, self-service analytics

Imagine effortlessly combining and displaying information from various sources into a centralized model. Sightline provides a secure, adaptable and flexible on-demand reporting and analytics solution. It's ideal for organizations that require an easy-to-use self-service analytics system. Our adaptable reporting system simplifies the process, allowing business users to access, view, and share data intuitively.

Flexible No-code Tools

Allows business users to easily manipulate, join and analyze data to create custom views and reports.

Flexible Reporting

Break free from rigid reporting systems; build any report or dataset on demand.

Data Integration

Consolidate data sources, harmonize, and validate for a unified source of truth.

Real-time Access

Instant, secure, self-service access within hours to granular data access for confident, data-driven decisions.

Automated Flows

Streamline data flows for speed, accuracy, and scalability.

Collaborative Analytics

Foster teamwork with shared data integrity.

Customizable Dashboards

Tailor visuals for quick, insightful drill-downs.

Flexibility in Architecture

Can complement or replace an organization's existing architecture based on specific needs and requirements.