Applicant Screening Solutions

Accelerate customer approvals while reducing risks.

SS&C offers a variety of solutions to automate and expedite the screening of applicants for property rentals, employment, credit applications and other transactions that require background checks, identity verification and credit histories.

AddressScreener enables you to search a variety of data sources to find an applicant’s last known address. It can also be used to update mailing lists and reduce the costs of returned mail.

CreditScreener is a web-based platform for obtaining and storing credit reports to determine applicant creditworthiness. Use it to access any credit data repository, both consumer and commercial, and maintain records online.

FraudScreener performs comprehensive background checks by automating the search of multiple databases, including commercial and consumer credit reports, criminal databases, public records, and a variety of other investigative services. It analyzes the retrieved data and highlights suspicious application details requiring further review.

Tenant/EmploymentScreener is a web-based solution designed exclusively for background-screening companies. It enables them to expedite screen requests for credit, criminal background, eviction and other factors on behalf of property managers and employers.

  • Expedite decisions:  Reduce the time the applicant spends waiting for an answer and accelerate approvals of good customers.
  • Reduce risks: Avoid losses due to fraud, incomplete information or misrepresentations in the application process.
  • Secure solutions: Our screening solutions employ strong security measures to prevent unauthorized access or tampering with data.